Well It’s 5 Month From My Last Post !!

Apparently ,I figured out that I wasn’t cut for writing so I just stopped it .. Until know i have that thing that made me write once and came back again,

I myself  the writing ghost in which a ghost posses my brain and make it think like a good self righteous person which is weird because im completely not ,.

If i have the chance to kill somebody and won’t be accounted for it I WELL TAKE THE CHANCE WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT as long as the person im killing did something really bad and disgusting like killing another human for no known reason,  or like raped a child among other things,I would take it in my hand to personally catch (it) because ANYONE that would do that should not be considered Human any more and should be treated lower than an animal because some animals are actually better than us HUMANs .

Being ,that we have a bigger brain with witch we can differentiate what is right from what is wrong … but apparently some of us won’t even consider using something that is called brain which is located in there heads but insead act like complete monkeys , wait actually monkeys is sometimes smarter then most human beings that walk on this earth , and that should written as a fact ..

And I wish a Happy goood life for all of you out there who is reading ma Blog

This is me signing out ,.,


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