Living In Egypt !!!

Hey , Im very sure you didn’t miss me at all DID YOU ,you didn’t even call Waaaah … Whatever What a looser

However back to our headline here ..
Saw how is it living in a country that didn’t want you to live in and anybody some kind of official can come step on you steel your belongings and walk away shackin his a$$ ,and you lock at him and can’t do a thing ..

HOW WOULD U FEEL ?????????????
However ,now everybody knows that the mighty Egyptians Just Kicked some A$$ as hard as possible and broke free and I was there in the middle of it tryin to kick some A$$ as well (but didn’t get any though), but we did it and kicked it hard because it was glued with super glue to the presidential chair ,yes i mean Mu(fuckin)bark and please say it loud , know I and every Egyptian man walk’s with his head held up high in the sky ,with glory all over because of what we done ..

Again back to main Story
Just some words to live in Egypt or just to tour the place just have money and i mean a shit load of it (unless u don’t show us ur face cappish )cause we need money to rebuild our country by takin every penny u have . You still can come You Are FULLY welcomed by every body in Egypt we Are veryy friendly people ..
Saw don’t Come to Egypt We Really don’t love You .
In the other meaning hehehe .


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