I Just Want To Say !!

F**k u Obama And Fuck Americans in general all of you are is just dickheaded red-nick mother fuckers …
Osama bin laden didn’t have any thing to do with 9/11 u fuck heads Jorge fuckin bush did .How in fucks-name can a group of horse camel riders hijack 3 planes hit the fuckin world chit center and the freakin pentagon without alarms being set of .HUH

Can somebody tell me why the security world Trade center send the people how ran afraid down the stairs of the world chit center told them to go backup while they knew what happened with the other tower bieng hit by a plain and why they closed the doors and ran away after sending them all up .HUH

Do you have a fuckin explanation you fuckin red nicks all the widows and the orphans you have is because of their fuckin parent-soldiers being killed by fathers/brothers/mothers/sisters that their families being killed loosing everything they lived for won’t u kill those who kill/rape your life partner your kids what do you think they will do.HUH

C’mon tell what will you do are you going just sit back and do nothing u assholes. No they will fight to the last drop of blood they won’t and will not run from the battlefield not like you …
Just as Bin Ladin said “We love death as much as you love life.” That he quoted from the prophet “Peace Be Upon Him ” .

We will not sit back like women in our homes and cry for what we lost we will fight you back until you be killed ..

And ONE thing Im sure of is that u red nicks wont understand what I just Wrote …
This is written by a 15 year old Muslim …
You will never control us or Crush us It will be u that is crushed and control
Either by Sword OR by Gun …


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