Do u want lose that fat Azzz ???

OK sorry for not posting nobody who is not reading my blogg right now .
Well i didn’t because of internet connection not workin 😦

OK here goes the secret oh ya to read this u have to pay me with a smile pay now or no secret fat ass loss way 🙂
OK here it goes (( the mighty fat breaker is is is is)) Green tea .. hey wait were is sound effects oh ya i should make them ((tratata)) with some music in the background .
OK there is certain way to make this work , i well tell after this long something.,
If u r the kind of people that cannot sleep with empty stomach or not any way the doesn’t change anything !! Or maybe u r training like hell but nothing is happing well is that happinin,
Beacuse u have some weird ass parasites that use ur body as a fat container ,,So to kill those tiny aholes u have to drink green tea not just like a cup or two u well a small container like a quarter liter or less im not good with numbers any way when u wake up brush teeth and everything u make this green tea just but it the heater a boil it for 2min so that extract everything from the tea get most benefits and take it to work instead of coffee or just drink it in ur house however u must i mean must be near to bathroom because in 25 minutes less or more according to ur body it well be completely cleaned just like a washing machine it will clean and kill the parasites that use ur body as a stroage place and it will clean ur stomach and intestine walls from old decomposed food from years ago that stop ur body from growing loosing fat and becoming healthier and oh ya forgot to mention not to eat any thing before or after these process or it be useless for 25min i have personally tried this method and really worked for me everyday i do it and in approximately 20 mins i am in the bathroom getting green tea washed just try it u dont any thing to loose oh ya where is my smile… 😉
And u can have ur breakfast after u go to bathroom cappeche ,,
Now give me 20 i mean smiles


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