All OUR Prayers with the Japanese

Sendai (Japan) (AFP) – An explosion Monday in the new Japanese nuclear plant damaged by the earthquake and tsunami, which may reach Heselthma to more than ten thousand people dead, but Tokyo has ruled out the possibility of a disaster like the Chernobyl disaster.
Despite government efforts to reassure the fears of a nuclear accident, the whole world is following with concern the increasing development of the situation, which is still very choppy and not clear at all.
In the face of these risks of nuclear and dozens of aftershocks, which sometimes violent succession of non-stop since the earthquake, which occurred Friday in the north east of the country, recommended several countries, the necessity for caution their nationals.
Most countries are advised not to go to Japan, especially Tokyo, north of the country and has written tips to women and children to go to the south of the archipelago, or leave the country.
And the succession of incidents since Friday, in Fukushima, -1 station located at a distance of 250 km from Tokyo world’s biggest cities with a population of 35 million people, what triggers fears of a radiation leak.
Disrupted and cooling systems, one by one in three of the six reactors at this station, which was built in the seventies.
After several operations aimed at halting the process of melting in the beginning, two explosions occurred two outcomes for vapor hydrogen Saturday and Monday at the level of the buildings which Iwoyan reactors, the first and third of the station.
The blast in the third building on Monday morning to break the roof of the building is the room housing the reactor containment managed to resistance, as announced by Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), which operates the station.
And started a similar process in the reactor, the second is that the government has ruled out Monday evening and a large explosion in it.
The Minister announced the National Strategy Koïchiro that “there is absolutely no possibility of occurrence of (incident type) Chernobyl”, drawing on experts in nuclear safety agency.
He said the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident in Ukraine in 1986 the most serious nuclear accident in history class and class 7, namely the highest on the scale of nuclear and radiological events, classified as an explosion Saturday Fukushima level 4.
The teams engaged in relief in areas stricken by the quake strongly 8.9 degrees and the subsequent tsunami, “a desperate race against time to rescue any survivors might be trapped under the huge mountains of debris,” collapsed, it said Red Cross spokesman Patrick Fuller.
But the search continued without success Monday, but was found approximately two thousand bodies on the coast of Miyagi province (northeast), where the number is expected to exceed ten thousand victims, according to the local police chief.
As well as the authorities deployed a huge potential for the relief of 590 000 people were evacuated either to loss of their homes or because they live in a circle of about twenty kilometers around the station.
Said Hiroshi Kamyama Mayor Aychenomaki where coastal rescue operations conducted on the impact of aftershocks in the light of fears of new tsunami.
Japan mobilized a hundred thousand soldiers representing 40% of many of its army, while continuing influx of foreign rescue teams from all over the world.
The Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, who wears a suit since Friday, emergency services said, “Japan’s ability to advance again depends on all of us,” warning that the country is witnessing “the most serious crisis ever known in 65 years, ever since World War II.”
The effects of this situation, the tension between investors who warned the government of “massive stress”, which will come from the earthquake on the economy.
The Nikkei index of Tokyo Stock Exchange Monday 6.18% motive other bourses to fall as well.
And suspended major Japanese companies for the manufacture of car Monday in the productive activities across the country because of difficulties in supply.
And began TEPCO responsible for electricity supply in eastern Japan program codification of current in the downtime 11 reactors for work, while Russia has recovered to convert about six thousand megawatts of electricity to Japan and to increase the supply of coal for this country and handed over 200 thousand tons of liquefied natural gas in April April and May.
And nuclear power plants produce about a third of the electricity in the archipelago.
The Central Bank of Japan’s most dramatic process of pumping liquidity in its history where pumping 15 trillion yen (131.6 billion euros) in financial markets in three batches in order to “ensure the stability of financial markets.”
Japanese situation and move the debate on civil nuclear in many countries, particularly in Germany, France and the United States where he called for a number of deputies to suspend the development of nuclear energy.
The new President Barack Obama on Monday its support for Japan, and promised again that the United States will provide all necessary assistance.
Obama said, “I still feel great sadness when I see images of the devastation in Japan.” He said during a visit to a school in Arlington, the southern suburbs of Washington, “I said directly to the Japanese Prime Minister (Naoto Kan) that the United States will continue to provide all possible assistance in time when Japan faces a number of disasters.”
Switzerland has suspended all projects to renew its nuclear plants in India has decided to ascertain the safety of all its reactors.
In contrast, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Moscow does not intend to reconsider its nuclear projects.

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